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Hillary is currently playing
Diana Morales in A Chorus Line.

Catch her singing and dancing on the line at
The Cape Playhouse from July 24th - August 3rd.

For tickets and more information go to

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Hillary recently starred as the
role of Girl in the musical Once

She played the piano in this lead role from Feb. 15th - March 2nd at
Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, UT.

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A Chorus Line at Cape Playhouse

“Other performances of note include Hillary Porter as petite powerhouse Diana.”

— Sue Mellen / CAPE COD TIMES


Once at Pioneer Theatre

“Hillary Porter plays Girl; her deadpan humor and hidden fragility are well balanced with her no-nonsense attitude and hardball focus. Porter is perfect for this role; as the show’s catalyst she weaves everything together… Her complete vulnerability singing ‘The Hill’ is heartbreaking, her lilting voice leaving the audience raw.”

— Jennifer Mustoe / FRONT ROW REVIEWERS


Once at Pioneer Theatre

“For me, my number one good thing I liked about the show, was I really liked the girl who played ‘Girl,’ Hillary Porter. Her character, she stayed in it so strong the whole time, her accent was great, and her voice was really sweet. There was something that really drew me to her, and I just, I really couldn’t keep my eyes off her.”

“[Girl’s] role itself has a lot of really solid dry humor one-liners, and she delivered them wonderfully, she was awesome.”

— Leigh Gibson and Bobby Gibson / WE ARE BROADWAY, Broadway Vlog and Reviewers


Once at Pioneer Theatre

“Every bit [Guy’s] equal, Porter's Girl was also compelling. Particularly in the number ‘The Hill,’ where her vocals were as captivating as her expressive piano playing.”

— Hannah LaFond / DESERET NEWS


Once at Pioneer Theatre

“The two main characters, Guy, played by Roderick Lawrence, and Girl, played by Hillary Porter are a joy to watch... Porter matches that beauty of [Guy’s] vocals and exquisite piano talent in the second act when she sings, ‘The Hill.’”

“It's easy to single out Hillary Porter and Roderick Lawrence as Girl and Guy respectively for their stunning performances in the lead roles…”
— Blair Howell / BROADWAY WORLD

Porter does a beautiful rendition of ‘The Hill,’ alone at the piano.”
— Erica Hansen / UTAH ARTS REVIEW

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